The Town of Monmouth operates under a town meeting-select board-manager form or government. The legislative and executive functions are divided; town meeting performs the legislative function of adopting governmental policy, levying taxes and raising and appropriating monies, authorizing the contracting of debts, etc. The Select Board is the executive body which interprets the policies of the town and chooses the course of action between town meetings, has ultimate administrative responsibility to see that the governmental policies are carried out (but must deal with administration solely through the town manager), and appoints and supervises the town manager. The town manager executes and carries out the government and fiscal policies with guidance from the Select Board and has direct responsibility for and authority over all administrative functions.


The town manager's powers and duties are derived from 30-A M.R.S. § 2636 which, in brief, provides that the town manager:

1. Is the chief executive and administrative officer;

2. Administers all departments and offices;
3. Executes laws and ordinances;
4. Is the department head when so directed by Select Board;
5. Appoints department heads subject to confirmation by Select Board;
6. Appoints, supervises, and controls town officials and employees (with some exceptions);
7. Is purchasing agent;
8. Must attend meetings of the Select Board;
9. Shall make recommendations to the Select Board for the more efficient operation of the town;
10. Shall attend town meetings and hearings;
11. Shall inform the Select Board and town residents of the town's financial condition;
12. Shall collect data necessary to prepare the budget;
13. Shall assist residents; and
14. May remove all persons whom the manager is authorized to appoint.