Monmouth Election Information

Upcoming Elections:
June 11, 2024
State of Maine - Primary Election, and 
Town of Monmouth - Annual Town Meeting Election
Monmouth Recreation Building
117 Academy Road, Monmouth
8:00am to 8:00pm

The following municipal offices are open for nominations:

(1 Seat) Selectboard (3 Year Term)

(1 Seat) RSU #2 Board of Directors (3 Year Term)

(2 Seats) Cumston Library Trustee (3 Year Term)

(1 Seat) Trustees of Monmouth Sanitary District (1Year Term)


Nomination Papers will be available February 20 at the Town Office during regular business hours.  They will need to be returned to the Clerk by April 11, 2024. 



Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register to vote?
You must provide proof of identity and Monmouth residency to the Registrar of Voters, either at the town office, through the mail or on Election Day in the polling place. A current driver’s license with your Monmouth street address will meet both requirements.  Otherwise, a piece of personal mail with your street address on it will work for proof of residency.  There is a cutoff date before every election which requires a voter to register in person. Due to COVID-19, that cutoff has been changed. Call the town office if you questions.
How do I enroll in a party?
You can choose a party when you register to vote or, if you don’t choose at the time you register, you may enroll in your party of choice at any time, including on Election Day.
How do I change my party?  
You can apply to change your political party by filling out a card with the Registrar of Voters. Once you do that, there is a 15-day waiting period before it becomes effective. During those 15 days, you cannot participate in your previous party’s or your new party’s caucuses or primary.
I am seventeen, can I vote?
If you are seventeen but will be eighteen prior to the November General election, you may register and vote in the June Primary.  You must be enrolled in a party to receive a Primary Ballot. You are not entitled to receive any other ballots that may be part of the June election, unless you are eighteen.
Where is my polling place?
I can’t go to the polls, how do I get an absentee ballot?